TheraBite therapy

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the benefits of the TheraBite system, which is designed to accomplish two treatment objectives:

1. Increasing the range of motion of the jaw

Stretches connective tissue

Fibrous scar tissue causes tightening of muscle and joints and requires stretching to realign the collagen fibers. Passive and repetitive stretching can help to lengthen and reform these fibers in an anatomically correct fashion.

Strengthens weakened muscles

Muscles that have suffered from disuse atrophy require strengthening across the full range of motion. Using passive range of motion exercises, TheraBite can help to increase muscle mass and endurance. The device can also be squeezed gently to provide resistance while closing the mouth to strengthen the muscles.

Mobilizes joints

Joints that are immobilized can undergo degenerative changes in a matter of days. Passive repetitive motion, such as that provided with the TheraBite system, can help to mobilize the temporomandibular joint across its full range of motion via passive motion

2. Pain reduction

Reduces joint inflammation

Immobilized joints lead to thickening of the synovial fluid and thinning of cartilage. This stiffening of the joints ultimately leads to inflammation and pain. Passive motion of the joint, such as that provided with the TheraBite system, can activate anti-inflammatory agents that promote joint lubrication and reduce inflammation and pain.

Reduces muscle pain

Muscle pain (myofascial pain) is usually caused by inflammation, which creates abnormal pressure on nerves, muscles and bones. This inflammation process can be corrected through passive motion exercises. Passive motion and stretching with the TheraBite system has been proven to reduce joint and/or muscle pain in as little as two weeks of therapy.