Atos Learning Institute

Atos Learning Institute is the learning and development platform of Atos Medical. The institute provides training and clinical tools for healthcare professionals working in the fields of laryngectomy and tracheostomy. The aim of Atos Learning Institute is to empower healthcare professionals through education and evidence-based practice to enhance standards of care and improve patient outcomes. ​

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What we do

Atos Learning Institute offers a wide range of learning solutions, including local market classroom-based training and customized learning programs, virtual instructor-led training and blended learning. The institute has a team of experienced trainers and experts who design and deliver the training programs and partner with subject matter experts. ​

The training programs offered by Atos Learning Institute cover all aspects of laryngectomy and tracheostomy care and are designed to cater to clinicians of all levels of expertise. The institute also offers certification for some of its learning modules.

Atos Learning Institute | Atos Medical

What we offer

  • Global and local panel discussions bringing together Healthcare Professionals to share best practice
  • Tracheostomy and laryngectomy educational courses and masterclasses in collaboration with leading medical institutions
  • Customized learning programs and hands on practical skills workshops
  • Live and recorded webinars
  • Clinical resources and protocols to support healthcare professionals in their day-to-day practice
  • Instructional videos and product guidance

Event calendar

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