The TheraBite System

In everyday life, problems related to inability to open the mouth sufficiently or pain in the jaw can be a symptom of trismus. This condition can occur at any age and progress slowly over time.

The TheraBite jaw motion rehabilitation system and TheraBite ActiveBand are clinically proven to be effective in preventing and treating trismus and in improving muscle strength and endurance of the muscles of mastication, respectively. Both offer a home rehabilitation program, encouraging continuity and compliance.

Benefits of using the TheraBite system

Anatomically correct

A unique feature of the TheraBite system is its ability to follow the naturally curved motion of the jaw. The curved track of the TheraBite Jaw Mobilizer guides the mandible along an anatomically correct pathway.

User controlled

When using TheraBite, the user is in control. Speed and opening range can be adjusted directly by the user, using manual force or the Fine Adjustment Knob. This feature helps to reduce anxiety levels and improve compliance.


TheraBite is durable and lightweight. It can be conveniently stored in the Carrying Bag provided to continue the rehabilitation program on the go.

Load-bearing comfort

The mouthpieces are attached to the Jaw Mobilizer and are designed in such a way that the load-bearing forces of stretching spread across the teeth. This, together with the Bite Pads, promotes a comfortable and even stretch while protecting the teeth.


Passive motion and stretching exercises with the TheraBite Jaw Mobilizer are clinically proven to be an effective form of jaw therapy. It has been used successfully by thousands of people suffering from more than 30 different conditions, ranging from postradiation trismus to orofacial pain.

For all ages

The TheraBite jaw motion rehabilitation system is available in both adult and pediatric versions. The pediatric version has smaller mouthpieces that are more suitable for those with a smaller mouth.