Reload of Provox Vega Puncture Set

This concise summary outlines the essential steps for reloading the Provox Vega Voice Prosthesis. If the need arises during the placement process, we’re emphasizing the importance of assessing the safety strap's condition* before proceeding with a reload. To learn more on how to reload the Provox Vega Puncture Set, please read the Instructions for Use and watch the instructional animation seen below.

To learn about the proper procedure for reloading the Provox Vega Puncture Set, the following step-by-step guidance is advised:

  • Push the Guidewire from the narrow end of the Puncture Dilator until the Guidewire loosens from the Wirelock.
  • Pull the Guidewire through the Puncture Dilator.
  • Reload the Vega voice prosthesis in the Puncture Dilator ring. The safety strap and tracheal flange of the voice prosthesis must be oriented towards the Puncture Dilator strap and the Wirelock when it is inserted into the Puncture Dilator loop.
  • If needed, the Guidewire can be straightened to facilitate reinsertion.
  • Follow the specific instructions for either primary or secondary puncture and prosthesis placement as applicable to complete the procedure.

*Caution: Reload of the Provox Vega Puncture Set must not be performed if the voice prosthesis safety strap has been cut or damages during the first placement attempt.

Provox Vega Puncture Set- Reload

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